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Feb 14, 2009

How to Download free movies,songs,softwares,games, etc using torrents on Mininova?

Although this article is not really meant for Mininova fans but its for newbies who really want to download free song,movies,games online using torrents, and need help.

Read more about what are torrents?

Steps are simple, just follow them :-
1. Download utorrent or bit-torrent.
2. Install them.
3. Go to Mininova and search for your required movie, game, song or software.
4. In the results which show up choose the one which has best seeds ( more the seeds better the download speed).
5. Click on the result you think fits the Step 4.
6. Now on the page which opens click on Download torrent ( usually its size is less than 100 KB).
7. As you have already downloaded the required software ( step 1). You just need to click on downloaded torrent and it will open using the above mentioned software.
8. Now just wait and let your required data to be downloaded. You can see the progress on the screen.

If you have further doubts leave a comment alongside. Meanwhile you can enjoy two of the wonderful blogs I just came across Kim Reviews - Top blogs of the day and Free submit your blog/sites.

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