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Jun 10, 2009

What are Torrents?

Recently one of my friends asked me "what are torrents?". I was like... So for newbies here is the answer, which I hope will help you to feel better in the world of Bittorent.

"BitTorrent is a file distribution system used for transferring files across a network of people and torrents are specialized files utilized in peer-to-peer (P2P) network environments." Now what is this "Bittorent", "Peer to peer"? I suggest you go through my blog a bit to get in depth knowledge about these terms. Or just bear with me as I try to make you understand these torrent lingo in brief.

Lets take the case how a simple file is downloaded from internet? You click on the link and website’s server starts sending the file to your PC. Simple. But what if server of website is too busy or crashes during file download, and horror of horrors that file is of 400+ MB? You just feel like throwing away your PC!

Here bittorent technology comes to your rescue. With torrents you can rest assured you will never face any of these problems. Here you don't have single source which is sending you the packets of Data. Instead, torrents contain specific information that multiple computers in the network can read to send various parts of the requested file simultaneously. Torrents keep active track of which parts of the file are needed to complete the request. By downloading bits of the file from dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of sources, large files can download very quickly. At this point go ahead read about seeds and peers.

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