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May 23, 2009

Top Torrent (Bittorrent) Sites

Well I began using bittorent quite late, infact it has been only been 6 months since I became a sort of torrent freak myself. Back in early days I used to google for latest good quality torrents, but soon I found that there are specific torrent indexing sites where you get quality torrent easily. And mind you, the list of most used torrent sites vary according to every person's preference.

So in order to make best and true list of best ranked torrent sources online I decided to use, and compare the traffic visiting these bittorent sites. Following are the latest Alexa ranking few common torrent indexing sites :

1. Mininova
Alexa Rank: 88

2. ThePirateBay
Alexa Rank: 108

3. Torrentz
Alexa Rank: 224

4. Isohunt
Alexa Rank: 225

5. BTjunkie
Alexa Rank: 547

So, now may be you all too will agree why I am a big fan of Mininova. But yes is you have some other good popular torrent source which I have missed please tell about it. I would be more than happy to include it in the list.

Rest of you enjoy the torrents and keep seeding.

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Enjoy these best torrent sites

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