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Jan 18, 2013

Utorrent: How exactly does commenting work in Utorrent?

µTorrent 3.0 adds an extension message for distributing comments within the swarm. All clients that support this extension message store all comments they have seen, per torrent.

When peer A joins a swarm, it will send a request for comments to peers that support this message, say peer B. If peer A already has some comments, it passes along a bloom-filter representing the set of all those comments. When peer B responds, it will not send comments that are already present in the bloom filter. This prevents duplicate comments.
Peers re-request for comments every 20 minutes, from all peers. This is how comments are propagated within the swarm. If a very significant portion of the peers in the swarm do not support the comment extension message, comments might have a harder time being propagated to all peers supporting the extension.

Comments are never sent to swarms to which they don't belong. Comments are stored in the resume file for a torrent, which helps keep comments alive across sessions.

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