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Jun 3, 2009

Can I preview Torrent files before they have been completely downloaded?

If you ask me directly, I would say "depends". Because the BitTorrent protocol downloads pieces in arbitrary order, there is no guarantee that the part of the file necessary for previewing (usually the beginning of the file) is present. To further complicate matters, some torrents are packaged as an archive, which would be quite difficult to extract until it's complete.

Now, what we can do, well you can still attempt to view the file periodically, you may eventually get lucky. Caution: if the file you are downloading is archived (i.e. its a ZIP or RAR file) there is no way you can preview it until its completely downloaded. If that is not the case try opening the file in whatever application is meant to be used to view it, but don't be surprised if any error message pops up.

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