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May 27, 2009

Steps to Finding the Best Torrents

Trying to find the best torrents and not being attacked by a virus. I have been through this and ever since I developed a few set of rules for every torrent that I downloaded and I did find the best torrents to download ever since, here are those 5 rules:
  1. The most important thing is to check the date when the torrent was added, make sure that the torrent is at least 5 days old, because if it is a virus it may takes up to 3 days for it to be discovered as a virus and cleaned from the system.
  2. Read the comments, and do not fall for it if there are as less as 3 comments. Usually if it is a virus, the person who made it can add 3 comments from different accounts just to make people believe in it. People usually tell in comments about the torrent, for example they’ll tell you if it is a virus.

  3. The ratio between seeders and leechers is a very important aspect. Make sure that the ratio of seeders to leechers is somewhere around 5 : 4 or something similar to that. In case 1 if there are a lot more seeders than leechers then you can consider yourself to be wasting time to set it to downloading as you would not get any downloading speed, in Case 2 if there are five time more seeders than the leechers, then there is something fishy as hackers know how to easily fake the seeders count, if you’re not very good in mathematical ratios then check the Seeder Leecher Ratio Calculator and enter either the seeder or leecher of a torrent and it will tell you the suitable amount of the other one.
  4. Use a good torrent site and always search for the same torrent in all of them as it will help you find the best one, I recommend the torrent sites listed below as they are the most reliable ones, although the first is the most recommended but the rest torrent search engines are not that bad either:
    1. btjunkie
    2. Pirate Bay
    3. Mini Nova
  5. Download torrents from famous users. Anonymous users usually put torrents of malicious softwares, for example if you want to download latest English movies you should search for the movies by aXXo or KLAXXON. It is best not to download torrents from guest and anonymous users.

I follow these 5 steps and have found the right torrents ever since, and this not only finds the right torrent but also protects you from virus torrents, and trust me you don’t want to be attacked by one!


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