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Jun 13, 2009

Watch Megavideos Without Limit

How to get around Megavideos time limit

There are many ways to get around Megavideos time limit without buying a premium account. We have gathered some tips for you on this page. Please leave us a comment if you know of any other methods. Now read and enjoy your videos!

Click play and pause the video as soon as it starts loading. Let it load to 100%. When the video is done buffering, go to the menu bar on your browser and click “File” -> “Work offline”.

Watch the video while you are offline. Megavideo only counts the time you are actually watching the video online, not buffering it. So watching the video offline does not use any minutes of the time limit. You can also load multiple videos and watch them when you want, because they are “downloaded” to your cache. If you close the browser, or clear your cache, however, you will most likely lose the video(s).

When you are finished watching the video, unclick the “work offline” button so you are connected to internet again. Now you can start loading the next video(s), and repeat the process as many times as you want.

If you’re not already using Firefox, you’re about to get a very good excuse to switch. Install the plugin “Download Helper” in Firefox if you don’t already have it, and open the Megavideo video with your Firefox browser.

As soon as the video starts loading you will see a little icon right next to the address bar. Click the icon and you will get a dropdown-menu with the name of the videofile. Click on the file and save it to your computer. Now you can continue surfing or download more videos. Download helper can be used on most sites with videos.

When the file is finished downloading you can watch it in a media player that supports .flv-files. We recommend using the free VLC player.

If you are using Internet Explorer start loading the video and then pause it. When the video is finished loading, open the temporary folder of your PC and locate the file. It should have the .flv extension. Open the video in a media player that supports .flv-files, like f.ex. VLC.

Megavideo is looking at your IP address to determine how long you have been watching the videos. By using a program that hides your IP you can easily get a new IP address as soon as the time limit message appears. There are some different programs that does this. The most popular and the only one we have tested is Hotspot Shield.

Install the program and click “connect”. It will now assign you a new IP address. Whenever you want you can click “disconnect” to surf internet without using Hotspot Shield.

The program displays some ads, and surfing might be a bit slower while you are using Hotspot Shield then without it. But at least you can watch as many Megavideo minutes as you want. If you only use Hotspot Shield while you are watching videos, or need to hide/change your IP, then it should not be any problem.

By using Hotspot Shield you can also access content that are only available to people from certain countries, like f.ex. certain videos on sites like Hulu, Pandora, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, MTV, The CW and similar.

If you have dynamic IP you can turn off your router for 30 seconds and then turn it back on. Your IP should be renewed now and your time limit reset. Restart the router again when you get a new error message from Megavideo.

If you have dynamic IP but no router, you could try the following:

Press the Windows start button and click run, or type Windows+R. In the “run window” type either CMD or Command and a black rectangular box should pop up.

Type “ipconfig /release” and hit enter. You will now be disconnected from internet. Type “ipconfig /renew” to connect to internet again and renew your ip address. Exit the application and you will now have reset the Megavideo time limit. Repeat the process as soon as you get a new message from Megavideo that you have exceeded the time limit.

From Mininova .Fan's Guide
If you watch a lot of videos on Megavideo you might go tired of the workarounds in the long run. The best is of course a premium account – no more time limits and no more ads. And there is a way you can get it for free. Megavideo have a reward program that gives you points for views on videos you upload. These points can then be exchanged in to a premium account.

You need a lot of video views though, so you might as well just start uploading right away… And if you need traffic to your videos just send us the link and we can place it on our site. When uploading videos to Megavideo we recommend using their Megamanager. It goes a lot faster to upload videos through the Megamanager than from the website.

From Mininova .Fan's Guide
Watch Megavideos Without Limit
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