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Jun 11, 2009

Torrent Health

Health meter of a torrent:I am sure many of you have many of you might have seen it on various top bittorent sites. Now what exactly is "health of torrent"? Frankly speaking its not much of importance. Why?

Health usually refers to the ratio of seeders to leechers and the raw numbers for each of those, and sometimes the total bandwidth in use by the torrent. Note:none of the three alone can constitute a good measure of a torrent's health, and even combined, the torrent 'health' is pretty much arbitrary, and can't really predict how fast or slow your download will be.

It tells you how many seeders there are. If there aren't any seeders, then it has low health, if there are a lot, then it has good health. The amount of seeders will tell you how slow of fast a download is. It also tells you if you can download it at all. Sometimes, you can add trackers to increase the health of your torrent. The trackers point your torrent downloader to the direction of other peers.

From Mininova Fan's Guide.

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