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Jul 31, 2009

BitThief: Bittorent Download Client

First of all I would like to tell you that Bittorent or peer-to-peer technology is all about sharing, there is no room for selfish nature here (learn importance of seeds and peers).But still some people like to pursue there animal instincts and want best quality torrents without having to share with peers. So go ahead download BitThief- a torrent downloader where you just download and don't upload.

From Mininova .Fan's Guide
It has had its share of controversies as well. It collects information about the torrent files being downloaded by the client, such as total number of pieces available, size of the pieces and a hash of the torrent hash.
Though its makers claim they don't get the information which torrent user has downloaded but you can't really tell.

I don't recommend you to use it rather keep seeding and use Utorrent.
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