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Aug 1, 2009

Why is utorrent best torrent client ?

Utorrent is considered as best bittorent download program by many torrent users. Although a closed source software, it has many fans. First and foremost it is small in "size" and eats minimal computer resources in comparison with other clients. Consequently it doesn't affect the computer speed.

Its free and the most feature rich BitTorrent client available.

From Mininova .Fan's Guide

Trivia: The author of µTorrent wrote in 2005, "I usually say 'you torrent' because it looks like a u", and offered "microtorrent", "mytorrent" and latter "mutorrent" as candidate pronunciations.The symbol μ, which is actually the small Greek letter Mu, stands for the SI prefix "micro" meaning one one-millionth and refers to the program's small footprint.

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