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Feb 5, 2011

Sanctum torrent 2011 film

Sanctum movie torrents

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An underwater cave diving team experiences a life-threatening crisis during an expedition to the unexplored and least accessible cave system in the world.

Sanctum is a 3D action-thriller film. The film was released in Australia on 3 February 2011 and on 4 February 2011 in the United States. It is directed by Alister Grierson.
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During a underwater cave exploration in Papua, New Guinea, five people are trapped when a storm rain cyclone starts flooding the cave. With the water going up and the oxygen running out, their only hope of survival is to travel through the unexplored underwater caves following the course of river that leads into the ocean.

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Sanctum was inspired by the film's co-writer Andrew Wight's near-death experience of leading a diving expedition miles into a system of underwater caves, then having to find a way out after a freak storm collapsed the entrance. James Cameron executive produced the 3-D drama.

Sanctum film torrents
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Sanctum movie torrents

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