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Feb 5, 2011

The King's Speech 2010 torrent

The Kings Speech (2010) DVD .torrent

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The film opens with The Prince Albert, Duke of York (played by Colin Firth), the second son of King George V, speaking at the close of the 1925 Empire Exhibition at Wembley Stadium, with his wife Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter) by his side. His stammering speech visibly unsettles the thousands of listeners in the audience. The prince tries several unsuccessful treatments, eventually he vows to cease any further attempts.

The Duchess of York meets Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush), an Australian speech therapist in London, and persuades her husband to see Logue. In their first session, Logue requests that they address each other by their Christian names, a breach of royal etiquette. He convinces Albert to read Hamlet's "To be, or not to be" soliloquy, while listening to the overture from Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro on headphones. Logue records Albert's reading, but convinced that he has stammered throughout, Albert leaves in a huff. Logue offers him the recording as a keepsake.
The Kings Speech (2010) DVD .torrent

As King George V (Michael Gambon) makes his first Christmas address, he explains the importance of broadcasting to the modern monarchy to his son. Later, Albert plays Logue's recording and hears an unbroken recitation of Shakespeare in his own voice. He returns to Logue, and they work together on muscle relaxation and breath control, while simultaneously probing the psychological roots of his stammer. The Prince reveals some of the pressures of his childhood: his strict father; the repression of his natural left-handedness; a painful treatment with metal splints for his knock-knees; and a nanny who favoured his elder brother, deliberately pinching Albert at the daily presentations to their parents. As the treatment progresses, the two become friends and confidants.

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The Kings Speech (2010) DVD .torrent
When George V dies, the Prince of Wales accedes to the throne as King Edward VIII (Guy Pearce), but he wants to marry Wallis Simpson (Eve Best) , American divorcée socialite, which would provoke a constitutional crisis. While visiting Edward VIII at At Christmas in Balmoral Castle, the Duke and Duchess of York are horrified to learn of this and realise that Prince Albert will play a larger public role in the future. When Albert points out that Edward cannot marry a divorced woman and retain the throne, Edward angrily accuses Albert of a medieval-style plot to usurp his throne, citing Albert's speech lessons as an attempt to ready himself for power. Albert is tongue-tied at the accusation, and Edward resurrects his childhood taunt of "B-B-Bertie".

The Kings Speech (2010) torrent

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At his next session, the encounter has so incensed the Prince that it is all he can talk about. In an attempt to console him, Logue insists that Albert could indeed be king and states that the shilling of their wager should bear the Duke's head as monarch. Albert's temper flares, and he cruelly mocks Logue's failed acting career and humble origins, causing a rift in their friendship. King Edward abdicates to marry, and Albert becomes King George VI. He needs Logue's help and he and the Queen visit the Logues' residence to apologise. Logue's wife returns early, only to find the Queen waiting in the modest dining room, and the King sequestered in the drawing room with Logue; Mrs Logue is so dumbstruck that she barely manages to address the royal couple. At the coronation in Westminster Abbey, the King insists that Logue be seated in the king's box and Dr Cosmo Gordon Lang, the Archbishop of Canterbury (Derek Jacobi), questions Logue's qualifications. This prompts another confrontation between the King and Logue, in which Logue casually slumps in St Edward's Chair and facetiously dismisses the Stone of Scone as a trifle. The King is furious over Logue's apparent disrespect for the two relics, and his clear and authoritative remonstration of Logue leads him to realise that he is as capable as his brother or any of the other kings before him.
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Upon the 1939 declaration of war with Germany, George VI summons Logue to Buckingham Palace to prepare for his radio speech to the country. As the King and Logue move through the palace to a tiny studio, Winston Churchill (Timothy Spall) reveals to the King that he too had once had a speech impediment but had found a way to use it to his advantage. The King delivers his speech as if to Logue, who coaches him through every moment. The many pauses necessitated to prevent his stammer sound convincingly dramatic, and the speech is a success. As Logue watches, the King steps onto the balcony of the palace with his family, where thousands of people assembled for the speech applaud him.

A final title card explains that, during the many speeches King George VI gave during World War II, Logue was always present. Later, he was inducted into the Royal Victorian Order for his service to the King, with whom he remained friends.

The Kings Speech .torrent

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