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Feb 14, 2011

Tips to Increase Adbrite Earnings

AdBrite contextual advertising network is a big growing network . Most of the AdBrite publishers earn few income from this network. You can earn more with some tricks These are some important tips to publishers make more income using adbrite. AdBrite suggest some of the following steps to raise your adbrite earnings.

Drive more traffic to your site

The more visitors your site attracts, the more you will be able to earn. Advertising on the AdBrite network is one great way to bring in more users, and so is Spottt, a free service brought to you by AdBrite. You can get more visitors from Spottt. Your websites with fewer than 1000 daily pageviews tend to have low earnings.

Change ad placement

Reach your visitors wherever you think they're most engaged on your site. Place your adzones on the most viewed areas of your site, particularly on the areas directly above and to the left of your core content and Post title below ads. That are far from your core content, may earn significantly less revenue.

If you already have your zone on highly-visible areas, you can earn more try some of other adbrite ad formats such as Full Page Ads or Inline Ads to boost your revenue.

Switch from Manual to Auto-Approve ads

If your Ad zone is set to manually approve ads, you can choose the setting to auto-approve ads, which will boost earnings with higher pageview numbers. Go adbrite, sign in your publisher dashboard > Click manage Ad Zone > click on Edit Ad Zone Preferences (you created ad zone) > Ad Specs > Yes, auto-approve ads.

Full Page Ad settings

If you've enabled Full Page Ads on your zone, you can increase your revenue by increasing the number of times your Full Page Ads show. Go to publisher dashboard > Click manage Ad Zone > Edit Ad Zone Preferences > Ad Specs, and adjust the Full Page Ad frequency settings.
Increase Adbrite Earnings

Tips to Increase Adbrite Earnings

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Tips to Increase Adbrite Earnings

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