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May 21, 2009

How to download torrents?

Steps to free download movies, TV shows, Games, Music through torrent sites like Mininova
Find a torrent program that will suit your needs, the most common clients are uTorrent, Azureus, BitTorrent, or Opera. Follow the instructions on downloading and installing your chosen client.
  • Go to a torrent site and search for a file you want to download(Isohunt, Torrentz, Pirate Bay) is an example). You can also search for best quality torrents through the search engine on left side of this page, just add the word Torrent to your search.
  • Once you have found the desired file on the torrent site, click the "Download This Torrent". You will be asked to save the file or would be given "Open with" option. Open the file with your bittorrent client.
  • The download will start automatically. You will now observe that downloading of torrent will start taking place in background.

  • Personally I feel that Mininova is best torrent source and utorrent is best bittorent seeding client.

    Also see How do i increase mininova download speed ? How to increase torrent download speed?

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