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Feb 9, 2011

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Black Swan is a 2010 American psychological thriller film directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring Natalie Portman, Vincent Cassel, and Mila Kunis. A New York City ballet company is preparing for the production of Swan Lake, choosing to cast a new lead to replace current star Beth MacIntyre as the Swan Queen. However, the lead must maintain an adequate portrayal of both the White and Black Swans. Nina Sayers, a dancer, is picked to compete for the part alongside several other young dancers, including newcomer Lily. Nina lives with her caring but overbearing mother Erica, a failed dancer turned amateur artist who tries to control much of Nina's life.

Black swan 2010 movie torrent download

The ballet director Thomas Leroy, is reluctant to cast Nina. He claims her rigid technique makes her an ideal casting for the White Swan, but she lacks the passion of the darkly sensual Black Swan. During a confrontation over the role, Thomas sees her capacity for passion and gives her the role.
He presents her as his new star during a benefit gala. On her way out, Nina is confronted by a drunken Beth who has obviously been crying. Beth has harsh words for the new star, and brings Nina to tears. Thomas returns just in time to console the young ballerina.

Nina displays a number of psychotic symptoms, including strong delusions and elaborate visual hallucinations. She begins to feel paranoid that Lily, her understudy, is determined to take the lead away from her. Thomas, meanwhile, becomes increasingly critical of Nina's "frigid" dancing as the Black Swan, and tells her that she should stop being such a perfectionist and simply lose herself in the Black Swan role.
Lily appears at Nina's door and convinces her to share a night out. During the night out, she takes drugs and becomes more interested in Lily than the men at the bar. Upon returning to Nina's apartment with Lily, the two have sex after Nina and her mother have an enraged argument. Nina wakes up alone the next morning, and rushes to make it on time to rehearsal. When she enters the studio, she finds Lily dancing as the Swan Queen in her absence. Furious, Nina confronts Lily, and asks her why she did not wake her up in the morning. Lily states that she spent the night with a man whom she met at the club, and teases Nina for fantasizing about her.
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The night before the ballet's opening, Nina is rehearsing late and continues to experience strong visual hallucinations, such as her reflection acting independent of her and of Lily and Thomas having sex together backstage. When she returns home, she sees her mother's paintings speaking and mocking her. She also notices that the rash on her shoulder has worsened, with little black barbs poking through her skin. Nina pulls one of the barbs from her skin, and it appears to be a black feather. Nina's eyes appear to turn into reddish swan eyes and her legs violently contort into the shape of a swan's. As she tries to steady herself, she falls and knocks herself out on her bedpost.
Nina awakes the night of the opening performance, locked in her bedroom with her mother. Nina's mother tells her that she called the company and informed them that Nina wasn't feeling well and will not be able to perform. After violently forcing her mother to let her leave, Nina arrives at the theater and immediately prepares herself as the White Swan.

Black swan 2010 movie torrent download

The first act goes poorly; the Prince drops Nina while dancing onstage. Distraught, Nina returns to her dressing room and finds Lily there, dressed in the Black Swan costume. As Lily announces her intention to play the Black Swan, she changes form into Nina herself. Nina and her duplicate wrestle, with Nina shoving her into a full-length mirror, and during the ensuing scuffle, takes a shard of the mirror and stabs her duplicate, killing her. Upon realizing what she has done, she sees that the body is Lily's. After hiding Lily's body, Nina returns to the stage and dances the Black Swan (the third act of Swan Lake), passionately and sensually, growing black feathers all over her body as she dances, her arms becoming black wings as she finally loses herself and transforms into a black swan; at the end of the act, she receives a standing ovation. When she leaves the stage, she finds Thomas and kisses him with seductive power for the first time.

Black swan 2010 movie torrent download
Back in her dressing room, she is interrupted by a knock at her door and opens it to see Lily, who has come to congratulate her. Nina realizes the fight was another hallucination; however, the mirror is still shattered. She notices a wound on her body and realizes that she apparently stabbed herself as the White Swan, not Lily. Back on stage, Nina dances passionately and seamlessly in the fourth and final act as the White Swan. In the last moments of the ballet, when the Swan is supposed to kill herself by jumping off a cliff on the stage, the audience erupts in thunderous applause while the cast discovers Nina lying on the safety mattress backstage. After Thomas enthusiastically congratulates her on her performance, Lily gasps in horror as she, Thomas, and the cast see that Nina is covered in blood. Though Nina lies wounded and perhaps dying, she feels content that everything she went through helped her to achieve a perfect performance. The film draws to a close with Nina staring up at the stage lights while whispering "I felt it. Perfect. I was perfect.", as the screen fades to white and the audience chants her name.
Black swan 2010 movie torrent download

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