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Jun 5, 2009

Super-seeding mode in utorrent, vuze, azureus & other torrent clients

I am sure many of you may have come across super-seeding term in your torrent download softwares(torrent clients). First of all I would like you to go through some bittorrent terminology like seeds, peers, leechs.

Ok, lets learn a term super-seeding seen in torrent clients like utorrent, vuze & azureus. After you have completely downloaded a file through torrent and when a file is new, much time can be wasted because the seeding client might send the same file piece to many different peers, while other pieces have not yet been downloaded at all. Some clients, like ABC, Vuze, BitTornado, TorrentStorm, and µTorrent have a "super-seed" mode, where they try to only send out pieces that have never been sent out before, theoretically making the initial propagation of the file much faster. However the super-seeding becomes substantially less effective and may even reduce performance compared to the normal "rarest first" model in cases where some peers have poor or limited connectivity. This mode is generally used only for a new torrent, or one which must be re-seeded because no other seeds are available.

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