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Jul 12, 2009

DHT in uTorrent | Enable / Disable it ?

In Utorrent there is an option of enabling or disabling DHT. Seen it? Now What is DHT and how does it affects download speed and other things while downloading torrent.

DHT stands for “Distributed Hash Table”. Technically, DHTs characteristically emphasize the following properties:

* Decentralization: the nodes collectively form the system without any central coordination.
* Scalability: the system should function efficiently even with thousands or millions of nodes.
* Fault tolerance: the system should be reliable (in some sense) even with nodes continuously joining, leaving, and failing.

u-torrent DHT
How it affects torrents Download ?

DHT layers “decentralize” torrents what make them more stable and less reliant on the web based trackers. If a web based tracker goes down, the torrents stay alive because peers can act as “nodes” keeping the swarm intact.
What this means is that your client will be able to find peers even when the tracker is down, or doesn't even exist anymore. It allows the swarm to continue as normal without a tracker.
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From Mininova .Fan's Guide

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From Mininova .Fan's Guide
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DHT in uTorrent | Enable / Disable it ?

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