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Aug 8, 2009

Reseed: What is reseeding ?

Reseeding a torrent
I am sure many of us have experienced when we are stuck after downloading 99% of torrent. In such a case I suggest you find free trackers to download torrent file or find more active trackers for old torrents.

But if any of these things don't work-out for you, then request for someone to reseed that torrent.

From Mininova Torrentz .Fan's Guide

Reseeding:- When there are few or no active seeds (or no enough peers to have distributed copy) for the specific torrent, all the peers get stuck at some percentage with incomplete download, since no one among the swarm has the missing pieces of file.
At this point to have complete download someone with a complete download copy (a seed) must join the swarm so that we can download missing pieces. This is reseeding.

For reseeding you have to request someone and as he/she obliges, I feel you should also seed that file after your download is complete to help others. Keep Seeding :)

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