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Jul 17, 2009

Find more active trackers for torrrents

Earlier I had posted about free trackers for to increase torrent download speed. Today I came across a site which will help you to download torrents which have stuck at say 90% or 35%. Also you will find this site helpful to download old torrents whose tracker is down or there are no seeds.

"btReAnnounceR" will come to your help in such unenviable position. This site will help you if :-
* You need to find more trackers for your torrents.
* The tracker to a much desired download may be blocked by your ISP and you need to find an alternate.
* Your torrent wont complete because the primary tracker is down.
* You want to try to find more seeds for your torrent.

From Mininova .Fan's Guide

How to use "btReAnnounceR" ?

Firstly downloaded the .torrent file from any top torrent site like Torrentz, Mininova, BTjunkie, etc onto my PC and then upload it to btReAnnouncer. Within a few seconds the site displayed the current primary tracker. However, it will also display a list of other tracker URLs which are tracking the same torrent. Please note anyone or combination of these trackers can help you to complete a stopped download.

At this stage it is possible to select a new primary tracker for the torrent by ticking the checkbox and pushing the ‘ReAnnounce’ button. Then check any of the other trackers in the list to be used as an alternative and click ‘ReAnnounce’ again. To finish up and start downloading the .torrent, download it by clicking on the hyperlinked text underneath ‘Download ReAnnounced Torrent…’ and import it into utorrent or any other best torrent program for mac, not forgetting to point it at your previously incomplete download.

From Mininova .Fan's Guide

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