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Nov 3, 2009

BitTorrent (company)

BitTorrent, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California, is an American corporation that develops peer-assisted Internet content delivery technology based on the BitTorrent protocol. The company was founded on September 22, 2004 by Bram Cohen and Ashwin Navin. BitTorrent, Inc. also maintains the BitTorrent protocol.

The company offers popular consumer freeware (the BitTorrent client). The company also licenses its technology, called BitTorrent DNA (Delivery Network Accelerator),to websites "to add the speed and efficiency of patented BitTorrent technology to their current content delivery infrastructure, significantly reducing bandwidth costs while increasing capacity over standard HTTP delivery solutions." The third product offering is the BitTorrent Software Development Kit (SDK) for consumer electronics and home networking hardware manufacturers.

From Mininova Torrentz .Fan's Guide

BitTorrent DNA allows website developers to overlay their content delivery network (CDN) vendor with BitTorrent's P2P CDN, built on the company's widely used client software. One should be able to expect dramatic cost savings using P2P bandwidth relative to the cost of CDN bandwidth, however ISPs may view this as an unattractive application of their network capacity.

The BitTorrent SDK (or what the company calls "BitTorrent Certified" program) offers compatibility between hardware, such as Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions and other Internet-enabled devices, and the BitTorrent client.

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