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Jun 6, 2010

Torrent Viruses : How do I know that someone isn't sending out viruses on BitTorrent?

Viruses and torrents
If you are afraid about getting viruses, trojans while using torrents (bittorent)..... Read this article which explains relation between torrents n malicious softwares

Torrent Viruses

From Mininova Torrentz .Fan's Guide

Torrent and Viruses
In short, you cant find if you are getting viruses through torrents. You should treat something downloaded with BitTorrent just like any file downloaded from the internet - that is, if you don't trust the source of the file, then you should use caution when opening it. If the torrent site you obtained it from offers comments, be sure to read those first. But regardless of the comments, running a virus scan on the downloaded files is usually a good idea. ĀµTorrent guarantees that the content you download is not altered from when the torrent was originally created, but if the source files used to create the torrent were already infected, this will provide no protection!
Torrent Viruses Safety
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Torrent Viruses
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